open data

Getting stats on browsing history from the browser database

If you didn’t know, there are more SQLite databases in the universe ( 1+ trillion) than there are known galaxies ( 100 billion). And one of those SQLite databases happens to be your browsing history.

Data Science and PAW Patrol

Step 0. The disclaimers I don’t call myself a data scientist, but other people do, and I wanted to share my approach to data science. This approach has worked well for me professionally.

Open Access Research

In my definition of Open Anything, “open” is an imperative verb. Unless you are an academic publisher, you’re probably not a big fan of for-profit academic publishing. The business model of many journals is to charge the authors publication fees, and then charge the readers access fees.

Fun with Favicons

A recent question on the Open Data Stack Exchange site got me thinking about how to download favicons from a bulk list of websites. Idea 1: try each domain Something like http://example.