Getting stats on browsing history from the browser database

If you didn’t know, there are more SQLite databases in the universe ( 1+ trillion) than there are known galaxies ( 100 billion). And one of those SQLite databases happens to be your browsing history.

Generating folders with smart dates in Python + Pandas

Not everything your mother told you is true. –my CompSci 101 professor, when a student insisted that, without exception, every 4th year was a leap year the idea For a hobby project, I needed to generate thousands folders and sub-folders and sub-sub-folders based on calendar dates within a range.

Data Science and PAW Patrol

Step 0. The disclaimers I don’t call myself a data scientist, but other people do, and I wanted to share my approach to data science. This approach has worked well for me professionally.

Baseball, for Europeans

Ninety percent of baseball is mental; the other half is physical. – Yogi Berra Baseball is a beautiful game of data-driven micro-strategy executed on the field by real-life chess pieces, who spring into action to chase down a fly ball or to sprint around the diamond.

Hand-drawn Dataviz

As a parent of small kids, and especially as a scientist parent, you search for patterns in a universe without patterns. This realization led me not try to collect data, but instead hand-draw a series of data visualizations about family, parenting, and the dream of a work-life balance.

Open Access Research

In my definition of Open Anything, “open” is an imperative verb. Unless you are an academic publisher, you’re probably not a big fan of for-profit academic publishing. The business model of many journals is to charge the authors publication fees, and then charge the readers access fees.

Free-fall and Personal Growth

I’m not a skydiver. I never got a license. It’s been ten years since I did my fifteen measly jumps. But those few weeks of ground school, pre-instructed then video-analyzed jumps, and those several thousand bucks, provided both professional and personal lessons that I’ve thought about nearly every day since then – and hopefully put to some use.

Fun with Favicons

A recent question on the Open Data Stack Exchange site got me thinking about how to download favicons from a bulk list of websites. Idea 1: try each domain Something like http://example.

The Case for Part-time, part 2

one is many The previous post The Case for Part-time came off more self-serving than I intended, and I wanted to frame my thoughts as part of the larger context.

The Case for Part-time

I’ve made a huge mistake (in my professional life) Eighteen months ago I quit my full-time job to follow my dreams and launch a startup. At the time, my boss offered my same job but part-time (2 days per week, or 40%).