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profile photo       It's me, Philip Shemella, a full-stack data science and business intelligence professional, with experience with startups, civic tech, enterprise and consulting. I have a PhD in computational physics from many years ago. Based in Zürich, Switzerland, I am active in the open data and data visualization communities.

Get in touch! - I'm always open to discuss small data projects!

(I offer my services to startups and non-profits at either heavily discounted rates or even free, in the case that I support in their mission.)

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Built with Python using the static site generated Pelican. The theme is Bulrush, which is based on Bulma.io.

Browse the source code which is hosted at Github Pages and built automatically by Travis-CI after each git push.

This site uses no trackers nor analytics, so I have no idea about visitors and traffic. For that reason, I especially appreciate your feedback.